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Founded in 1984 by Timothy Steck as a mainframe and data processor consulting firm, we have grown our business with the times. Our services now include network design, creation, and management, managed services, hardware and software, servers (physical and virtual) and workstations, Email hosting, Email security and encryption and more. We provide the tools for you to become self-sustaining with information technology, while simultaneously providing direct support and solutions to any questions you may have. We strive, at every turn, to put the customer first, taking the time necessary to listen to your desires and concerns, offering cost-effective strategies for your ever-growing business needs.

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IT Services

IT Services

Businesses today use an integrated set of network solutions. Mobile phones, remote connections, and computer networks enable communication globally, ideally working each time, every time. Complexity can and often does spiral out of control, not to mention cost and frustration. At TBS consultants we strive to simplify the end users experience so that you can get back to what is important to you and your business; getting the job done, and reducing cost of keeping your network running.

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Web Services

Web Services

Websites and email need to be hosted somewhere, and at TBS Consultants we provide low cost email and website hosting, along with domain management, and state of the art email security from Barracuda Networks that offers 96 hours of spooling on your email. With our partner hosting we can offer custom solutions and immediate local support with any email or website problems. Hosting with us allows support from a company that is familiar with your systems and your needs and is just around the corner, not in another country.

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Intel Gold Provider

Servers and Workstations

Nearly every business has a need for a computer.  A company of 1 person might only need just a single workstation; however as the size and scope of your business increases, you might find the need for multiple workstations, a server, or even multiple servers. At TBS Consultants we use only reliable and tested components in assembling our workstations and servers. With our extensive knowledge on Microsoft products we can pair the best hardware with whatever operating system that benefits you the most.

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Cisco Partner

Security Solutions

With all of the modern office advances that make our work environment easier, also come threats that can damage or slow down our networks and computer systems. At TBS consultants we have all of the tools to safeguard your data both from unwanted intrusion and data loss. Our skilled techs can setup a comprehensive security and data recovery plan to protect your data and network. We can even provide secure remote access so that you can access your data where ever you are.

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